Monday, February 24, 2014

Respecting Your Body with Running

Are you respecting your body today? :)

Sometimes our brains scream for the endorphins we know we'll receive after a good run, and then our bodies conflict with a different message-- asking for a rest on a sunshinny day, when all we want to do is  get out and pound some pavement.

Like today-- I was all excited for a 4-miler, especially after 7.5 mile invigorating run in the mountains over the wk/end!

But, this afternoon & just 1.5 miles in-- it was like I got whacked with a nice calf cramp that just didn't feel right, or something..... so, I kept running just hopping it would go away. :p And, then walked a bit, stretched, and started back up with plans to finished up those last 2.5 miles :p

Body said otherwise, though! Something still didn't feel quite right. :/ And, yes- I felt like a whimp but I stopped another another 1/2 mile.

Why share this?


Because you already know this, but running is about respect. Respecting our bodies, and helping them get stronger so we can live better lives. :)

Don't you agree?

If you're fighting injuries today, or just not feeling your best-- respect yourself enough to hear the difference between the "I just don't feel like it" feeling and your body asking for a rest to prevent injury.

This ties into Cravings as Signals.... our bodies are constantly sending us messages!

We just have to listen....

Love your body, and it will love you back. :) 


Liv said...

SO true! This happen on my run yesterday. I had my mind made up to do 6 miles and ended up doing 5.2 because I have began to know how to read the signals of wanting to quit because I am just tired of running or because something isn't quite right. When is your half? I've decided to do Indy 500 the first weekend in May!

Maimai Quan said...

thanks for shareing.

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Katherine said...

wow, Liv! that's so awesome :)) i need to officially put a date on the calendar but i'm shooting for may!